Confidentiality Policy for Employees

Confidential information is defined as any information found in a patient’s medical record, personal information, and work-related information (including salary information). All information relating to a patient’s care, treatment, or condition constitutes confidential information. This confidentiality policy also encompasses any trade secret scientific or technical information developed by the practice or its personnel.

  • Employees shall never discuss a patient’s medical condition with any non-employee of the company, friends, or family members. Confidential matters involving patients will not be discussed in areas where they might be overheard by other patients or other non-employees of the company. Staff members are to be aware at all times that conversations regarding patients are not to be overheard by others and take appropriate steps to ensure this confidentiality.
  • All salary information is confidential and may not be shared with others in the company or with patients. Only authorised individuals may relay salary information to employees or non-employees.
  • Any unauthorised disclosure of confidential information by employees could render the company liable for damages. Any employee who violates the confidentiality of the practice, medical- or employee-related information is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment.