Social Media Policy



This Policy should be read in line with other staffing policies in place including but not limited to disciplinary and grievance policy, IT and policies covering discrimination, bullying and harassment. This policy will set out rules in relation to the use of all forms of social media. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action leading to dismissal depending on circumstances.


Definition of Social Media


Social media is a type of interactive online media that allows parties to communicate instantly with each other and allows the sharing of data in a public forum. Social media covers, bit is not limited to (X) Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, You Tube and Flicker.


Personal use of Social Network at Work


Practice staff are NOT permitted to access social media websites from the surgery’s computers or other electronic devices for personal use at any time.


Business Use of Social Media


There may be times when you may need as part of your job to use social media and in these circumstances it will be made clear as to what is or is not allowed. You may contribute to the use the surgery’s Social Media activities by possibly providing blogs or articles. The Practice Manager should approve these. If you are contacted for comments on the surgery for publication anywhere and you should discuss your response with your line manager to ensure that it is appropriate and represents the values of the surgery.


Responsible use of Social Media


You should remember that you are always representing the surgery and must therefore ensure the communication has a purpose and is intended for public benefit.


In both business and personal use you should ensure the following.


  • Use your common sense before you post anything and think about what you are saying at to the public
  • Ensure that you do not post any disparaging or defamatory statements about the Surgery, Staff (current and Past), Patients (current and past) other surgeries and organisations within the NHS or connecting areas
  • You should not post images or links to inappropriate content.
  • You must breach in any way confidentiality
  • Do not use social media to bully, harass or discriminate against any party
  • You must not express any strong religious or political points
  • You must not enter into any contractual agreements without the express consent of your manager
  • You must refrain from any illegal activity
  • You should not enter any online fights, personal attacks or hostile postings


The golden rule is to ask yourself whether what you are about to post could cause offence to

anyone. If the answer is yes, then do not make the posting.







If you are allowed to use the surgeries computers or other electronic devices for business use

the surgery has the right to monitor such use. Unauthorised use during working hours will

result in disciplinary action.


In the event of misuse being found then the surgery may limit your access rights in addition too any other action that’s deemed necessary.


Social Media in your personal life


The surgery recognises that many employees use social media in a personal capacity

and again, in that capacity you must not post anything that damages the reputation of the

surgery. You are allowed to state that you work at the surgery however your online

profile/username must not contain the surgery’s name. You must not use your working email

address in any communication in a personal capacity. You should not discuss your working life

via social media.


Disciplinary Action


Any breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action being taken against you. Serious

breaches of this policy could constitute gross misconduct and could lead to dismissal.


The Surgery may request you to remove any posting that is deemed to be offensive or not

appropriate and failure to comply may constitute an act of gross misconduct for failing to

follow a reasonable management request.